Dor Dlugatch was born in Israel. Even though tattoos were hard to get and hard to come by in Israel, he has been fascinated with tattoos since he was young. Dor started getting tattoos at the age of 18. Shortly after, he started drawing and painting tattoo related designs. 
“Something about the esthetics in those old tattoo designs resonated with me”, says Dor.
Dor then realized he had a great interest in Japanese art and tattooing, so that became his main focus. At the age of 26, he apprenticed for 2 years under his mentor, Alexey Zamotevsky. Alexey is the owner of Ink Donkey and is one of the best tattoo artists in Israel. His time at Ink Donkey equipped him with knowledge and tools that inspired him to leave Israel and travel to the US.
He traveled to the U.S. for the first time in 2019 to participate in the project “Healing Ink” where he tattooed survivors of the mass shooting that took place in Virginia Beach earlier that year. On that trip, Dor visited Ink and Dagger Tattoo where he met Keoki for the first time. 
In 2021, Dor moved to the U.S. and tattooed at Ink and Dagger Tattoo where he worked for almost two years. He then took some time off and spent a few months back home in Israel. Eventually, his path crossed with Keoki again and is now excited and thrilled to be starting a new chapter at Perpetual Roots Tattoo. 
Dor specializes in both American traditional and traditional Japanese styles. He enjoys working on large scale projects as much as he enjoys doing small, one shot bangers. Dor has a “bank” of pre-drawn designs to choose from, but also enjoys doing custom work and coming up with one of a kind, tailor-made design for his clients.