About Sabreen

Sabreen’s passion for beauty and cosmetics started at the age of 13. She saw it as an expressive form of art where she could use cosmetics to show the emotions she was feeling, and she quickly realized through taking clients, that a makeup session proved to be a form of therapy for many. She loved her hour-long sessions with each client where they would open up to her about their struggles and achievements ultimately leading to a friendship in the end, which allowed her to become a part of their journey. She knew her career would always end up in the cosmetic field, so she pursued jobs at Morphe, MAC, and freelanced her own clients for years, picking up new techniques and tricks along the way. In 2019, she moved to Texas to complete her Esthetics course where she met another woman in school who would ultimately change the trajectory of her career. They grew close in school, but Sabreen ended up moving  back to Georgia after getting her license. It wasn’t until the following year that Sabreen saw that her friend had opened up a Permanent Cosmetics studio and offered training for Ombre Powder Brows and Microblading. Sabreen was already a fan of her friend’s esthetics work, so Sabreen signed up for the training and drove 13 hours to attend her friend’s class the next month. As soon as Sabreen picked up the tattoo machine, she knew this was for her. The flow and the movements came naturally and there was no sign of nervousness at all. She had been applying temporary cosmetics for years, so making those same strokes permanent wasn’t uncomfortable at all. After returning to Georgia, Sabreen immediately got her body art license and began taking on clients. Each client had a beautiful reason for wanting to get the procedure done, and Sabreen was honored to be the one chosen to help them. Since her initial training, Sabreen has  received two more certifications, one of them being a 6-week apprenticeship. The continuation of her skills and education is a priority for Sabreen, and she aims to be better at her craft with each day that comes.

Currently, Sabreen specializes in Ombre Powder Brows and Nano Stroke Combination brows; but she will soon be offering Lip Blushing and Skin Camouflage as well.