About Amber

Amber has been drawn to art ever since she can remember, but her interest in tattooing started in high school. Amber began drawing on her friends with sharpies to create temporary tattoos. During this time, people began to encourage her to look into a tattooing career. Amber wanted to pursue tattooing, but she was discouraged from it by several important figures in her life. It was not until several years later that she met Jason Tasi (Tasi), who agreed to teach her how to tattoo. Unfortunately, Amber was not able to afford an apprenticeship during that time. 3 years later, she went back to Tasi, still unable to afford an apprenticeship, and asked him to apprentice her again. Tasi asked her, “Why do you want to learn how to tattoo?” She responded with, “I just love it.” And that was all Tasi needed to hear. At 25, Amber was finally able to start her tattooing career. Like any good thing, learning to tattoo was no exception, it did not come easy. A month into her apprenticeship, Amber became pregnant with her second child, she was in the middle of a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and had to work a second job to be able to afford to learn to how to tattoo. Tattooing was the most difficult art form she had ever pursued, but she was passionate about learning it. Her first two years felt like failure upon failure.  She felt like she was going to inevitably fail, so she was just trying to figure out how to fail less and less. Around year 3, under Tasi’s guidance, she finally started to grasp some of fundamentals of tattooing. Sadly, however, her career took a devastating hit when her mentor suddenly passed away on October, 27th of 2020. Tasi had become her mentor, brother and one of her closest friends. Loosing him was not easy to recover from. She lost the energy to tattoo, and her spirit was crushed for quite some time after that. Through all of this, she did not stop tattooing. She continued to manage and lead Tasi's tattoo shop after he passed to honor his memory and everything he had poured into her life. Prior to his death, Tasi had connected with a tattoo artist named Keoki. Amber met Keoki when he began guest-spotting at Tasi’s shop. Keoki and Tasi, being of kindred spirits, became good friends very quickly. When Tasi passed, Keoki reached out to Amber and the rest of the shop to help in any way he could. After a little over a year had passed, Amber asked Keoki to continue teaching her to tattoo. She began by guest spotting at Perpetual Roots Tattoo almost every other weekend and eventually became a permanent resident artist.

Amber loves to tattoo black and grey subject matter with realistic and illustrative styles. Her favorite and preferred subjects include: creative portrait styles, sci-fi monsters, female warriors, gamer tattoos, insects/arachnids, ornamental styles and anything gnarly. Amber is currently learning more about Polynesian designs and Mehndi ornamental styles.